About - James Teaford

Behind the Lens

Over the span of a 40-year career as a wildlife biologist and wetland scientist I have used photography to record field observations. Heeding the sage advice of Dr. Henry S. Mosby (Professor of Wildlife Management, Virginia Tech, 1972) where “A stubby pencil beats a long memory”, the vast majority of the photographs in my various collections are annotated with pertinent data about the location, date, and nature of the phenomena observed.

I generally have tried to compose each photograph or sequence of photos with the intent to convey a message for technical, interpretative, and/or instructional purposes to help myself and others better understand how the world works. However, I have also tried to capture observations of beauty as I encountered them.

At the moment, I am currently using JW Teaford Photography.com to present photos and watercolors in a non-technical vein. My Wetland Notes.com website is populated with technical and educational materials, and my JW Teaford’s Three Minute Wetlands YouTube channel has a mix of technical and whimsy using video and still photo resources.

I have found photography to be fun, rewarding, and illuminating. Being in the right place at the right time has been fun. Successfully capturing an image opportunity has been rewarding. And, reviewing and annotating images have been illuminating in that I often find observations that I was unaware of when I took the photo.

In summary, photographing and re-visiting life’s large and small experiences and phenomena have helped me appreciate, understand, and enjoy life more fully. Personally, photography truly has been a multifaceted window on the world.